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Welcome to Picstreak and thank you for taking the time out to read about this little website. This is where I’ll try to explain what went into the making of Picstreak, what’s currently happening, and what’s planned for the future. Take this as an informal letter from the founder to you – the end-user.

Let’s begin with a bit about me. I am Saradasish, a UX designer from Odisha, India. I got into graphics design (relatively) late in my life. In fact, it was during my graduation when I came across terms like ‘digital art’ and ‘illustration’, and got intrigued. Before that, I was into programming and stuff, you know, like the majority of wannabe Silicon Valley superstars in my country. After I made the switch to graphics design though, I realized that I am happy and content.

Saradasish Pradhan (Picstreak)
Yep, that’s me 😄

In my first job, while working for a local software firm, I got to know that unless you’re aiming for the 90’s design, you need good graphical elements in your projects. Be it a website, or an app, or a simple office presentation. It’s all dull and boring without images and videos and all those delicious graphic elements. Then alongside working on design projects, I started making illustrations and digital drawings. Then I left the job to study further, and in the meantime, I had an abundance of time that I dedicated to drawing, sketching, basically making art. This was when I thought of doing this stuff and accumulating them in one place for creators and developers to use in their projects. Then COVID-19 hit us, lockdown happened, and I got even more time to spare. So, with the help of a friend (@IntegrityGeeks), I got this website up and running, and here we are.

I started with illustrations first. There are multiple styles, designs, and themes of illustrations that are being added to the Picstreak library, and I’m hellbent on adding more regularly. Picstreak is not just about illustrations though. You’ll soon be able to download other graphic assets, like icons, backgrounds, mockups, and more. I started Picstreak with an aim of making it a huge repository of free graphics, and that’s what we’re gonna make it. It might take a while, we might face obstacles, but we’ll reach there.

I do this only because I love doing this, and in the process of making more and more illustrations and icons, I am also improving upon my skills. That’s my biggest win out of this project, and that is why the assets on Picstreak are available for free to you. Not everyone can make digital art, and not everyone can afford customized graphic assets, that is where Picstreak comes in. I’m happy that I am at a position where my skills can help a lot of people while refining and improving upon those very skills.

All that said, it isn’t just about me adding random stuff. If you feel I should make something in particular, or if you would like to collaborate with me for something cool, or if you want to join the Picstreak crew, reach out to me. Also, Picstreak is as much yours as it is mine. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions, I’m all ears.

To your success, always.
– Saradasish.

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