Frequently Asked Questions

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The term ‘open-source’ is mostly linked to software and code, which denotes that the software and its code are open for everyone to edit, modify, and republish. Vector graphics are also basically lines of code, and we let you download those and modify & use them to your liking. That’s why we call it open-source graphics.
PNG should fit your needs if you want to use the illustrations on social media and fixed-size images (banners, posters, creatives, etc.). SVG is for websites and apps where you don’t need to give the image a fixed size, and the image adapts according to the viewer’s display.
You will be able to download graphic elements from Picstreak in four common formats: PNG, SVG, EPS & PSD. Not all items are available in all four formats. PNG is the most commonly used file type for static-graphic elements that have some transparency. SVG is for scalable vector graphic xml-based files that are capable of dynamically resizing to whatever size you wish. EPS and PSD are for editable multi-layer graphic files for digital drawing tools (like Illustrator) and Photoshop respectively.
Picstreak was made by a UI/UX/Graphics designer amid the COVID-19 pandemic only as a way for him to help creators like you while still being in touch with his work, and not to make money. That’s why. Some will call it free, some will feel it’s priceless.
Nope, you don’t. Just browse the site, find what you like, and download. The only places on this website where we need your data are the comments, contact, and request forms, and any other forms we might have in the future for surveys/documentation.
Almost zero. You can use these assets wherever you want, online or offline, modified, or unmodified. Giving attributions or credits isn’t mandatory, but it would mean the world to us if you do that. That said, there are some exceptions in place to safeguard our brand and website, which you can find on our license page.
For mono/duotone illustrations in PNG format, you can easily do this using any photo editor software by altering the “hue” value. It’s kinda complex for SVGs and multi-color graphics if you don’t know working with an illustration tool (like Adobe Illustrator). While we have plans of making an in-site editor for basic edits, there’s no ETA.
It isn’t just you. The website is new, and we have not pushed every page on the site live yet. We’re working hard on adding more content, more assets for everyone. Please bear with us. We’ll remove this FAQ once all pages (that should be live) are live.
Yes. You are welcome to submit your ideas and we’ll see if we can make it. That said, we will need to figure out if your idea will be helpful for other people as well, not just you. Let us know via the request page if you have an idea or a suggestion.
Yes. While we focus more on creating royalty-free graphics for everyone, we do also take orders for custom graphics. Those will be licensed exclusively to you and only you shall have the rights to use them in your projects. Please feel free to get in touch with your requirements and we can talk it out.
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