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This page contains the license that applies to all of Picstreak’s graphic assets.

You are free to use the graphic assets from Picstreak in any project, commercial or non-commercial, modified or unmodified, without any attribution or royalty. However, you can neither redistribute/resell these elements nor claim them to be your property. As the creators of these graphics, we allow you to use them to add value to your projects, for free, as long as you obey this license. Continue reading for the full license.

Full License

Picstreak grants you a nonexclusive, worldwide copyright license to download, copy, modify, and use the assets provided from Picstreak for free, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without attributing Picstreak or the creators (artists) of the assets.

You can use these assets:

  • in an unlimited number of projects (online and offline), both for personal projects and for clients
  • in commercial and non-commercial projects
  • modified (changing colors, adding/removing parts, resizing, mixing with other graphics)
  • unmodified, provided the asset isn’t the center of your project, and you aren’t redistributing/reselling individual or a pack of these assets as-is
  • without seeking permission or attributing Picstreak

You can not:

  • redistribute/resell these assets, individually or in bulk
  • use these assets to make a website/app/service similar to or competing with Picstreak
  • use any automated/manual scraping on our website
  • claim the creation or ownership rights of these assets

About brand logos and taglines

All brand logos and taglines used in Picstreak’s assets are registered trademarks of their respective owners. They are included in the graphics on a promotional basis and do not represent any endorsement, affiliation, or association with Picstreak. The usage of such elements is solely to represent the actual brand/service that has registered the trademarks, not otherwise.

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